Sunday, February 6, 2011

Late Night Magic

Hi guys, First blog post, WOW I feel like there should be a drumroll:)
well today is sunday the 6th and also "superbowl sunday". Yay!...uh no! not really big on the sports scene.
For my fist post there isnt much to say, so i dont expect you to be enjoying this (sorry!), but I thought I might start of with telling you a bit about myself. aaaaand go!:

Welcome To My World

My  name is Diana, (last name not stated for fear of being stalked) I am 15 years old (age is but a number!) I am a student, artist, and model. I live for fashion, film, photography, acting and modeling. (yea I know its alot to love for) I one day hope to go to my dream school N.Y.U and become a stylist.
You could describe my personal style overall as "edgy retro" but honestly I mix it up alot.
In this blog you will find, my artwork, things that inspire me, and outifts of the week.
Hope you love,

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